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Apr 28 11

Организационные новости

by rever

Сегодня завершили последний этап переговоров по финансированию, ждём 9-11 мая, когда в этом вопросе будет уже поставлена точка. По текущему плану, работа начинается именно с этого момента.


Apr 18 11

Its a weekend, baby!

by SiGMan

Ok, since its a weekend, I would put off project stuff and blog something else. What else do we got? There is one small pet project I do these days, developing site and more importantly bbs for small community.

Most of the available forum scripts are bad. Most popular phpbb and… (err, what the other one name?) follows simple category/topic model. First view presented to the logged in user is a category list. Now, based on my experience, when I do visit regulary a bulletin board, I check new posts. For that phpbb has a small (really tiny) link on top of the main page block. Im quite sure I dont want to waste my time navigating away to the topics im interested at, its just a waste of time. What I want is to see aggregated topic list, with the newly updated on top and then easily check out changes.

Thats the major complaint, but of course there are much more. And for that reason I decided to violate Occam principle once more and make my own bbs script with all those ideas included.

It didn’t took me a long time to figure out a platform – after a short googling, booze and consulting to a friends I came for a conclusion what the python/django framework would do just fine.

Django looked neat right away and the python is the language of my choice for the most of the pet projects there days. In my experience with the google code jam and eulerproject coding tasks it proved itself good.

< to be continued >


Apr 17 11

Day two

by SiGMan

Ok, since the auditorium of this blog for now include besides me only stray google spider scans, i can write whatever i want and nobody would give a damn)  Thats a crucial feature, haha. Anyways, I’ve got a lot of topics to cover and limited keyboard resource, so better to start blogging those things sooner than latter.

This project is rather huge. Or should I say HUGE. If you took a peek at the design documents it might look as manageable at the first sight, but if you add all that multiplayerness, distributed processing tied to the  guaranteed and of course durable persistent data,  possibly cloud hosting with dynamically spawning and dying nodes complexity jumps up sky high.

Even more, given the current state of the development its hard to make a key technology choices. Granted, I have googled and stackoverflowed most of the web, but couldn’t find any existing recipes, how to approach a scalable web server for handling huge multiplayer game.

All we have for now is a idea for a flash based client and the otherwise technically challenging server. My first language of choice for the server development was a python. Not just because of the available libraries and support but rather for the development speed. Sure for a seasoned c++ developer it takes awhile to entrust yourself and future of the business to the scripting language, but when it does it should and possibly would save a lot of time and resources. And it worth it)

To be continued!

Apr 15 11

Day one

by SiGMan

Okay, its a late night and I just finished copy-pasting design document from google-docs to our wiki pages. Its just a draft which I could manage, but I think its might be a good  first step building  solid foundation for our team internet collaboration. Ouch, time is a bitch, have to go and get some sleep ) Ahoy meatbags)

Apr 15 11

Ahoy, everybody!

by SiGMan

This is an obligatory ‘test’ posting. Still thinking though, should I maintain the blog in english, russian or both languages. Not sure if the other team members will be able to keep up, if it would be solely english – only blog. Well, time will tell, and as for now, aside from other things, we have our first collaboration site mash-up ready to roll.

Welcome aboard!