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Its a weekend, baby!

by SiGMan on April 18th, 2011

Ok, since its a weekend, I would put off project stuff and blog something else. What else do we got? There is one small pet project I do these days, developing site and more importantly bbs for small community.

Most of the available forum scripts are bad. Most popular phpbb and… (err, what the other one name?) follows simple category/topic model. First view presented to the logged in user is a category list. Now, based on my experience, when I do visit regulary a bulletin board, I check new posts. For that phpbb has a small (really tiny) link on top of the main page block. Im quite sure I dont want to waste my time navigating away to the topics im interested at, its just a waste of time. What I want is to see aggregated topic list, with the newly updated on top and then easily check out changes.

Thats the major complaint, but of course there are much more. And for that reason I decided to violate Occam principle once more and make my own bbs script with all those ideas included.

It didn’t took me a long time to figure out a platform – after a short googling, booze and consulting to a friends I came for a conclusion what the python/django framework would do just fine.

Django looked neat right away and the python is the language of my choice for the most of the pet projects there days. In my experience with the google code jam and eulerproject coding tasks it proved itself good.

< to be continued >


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